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Comrade Meng Fanli won the first prize of the second team of skilled workers in the big car race

ecently, the second staff skills competition in Feidong county was held at Hefei polytechnic. After fierce competition, Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., Ltd. Meng Fanli employees in the competition to stand out, won the big race team first.
        Later at the second session of the Hefei City Labor and skills competition (Feidong Division) and the second Feidong County workers skills contest awards ceremony, comrade Meng Fanli was awarded the "Feidong County staff Technology pacesetter honorary title, and won a $5000 cash reward. In addition, comrade Meng Fanli was also recommended as the only participant in the contest to speak on the platform.



Comrade Meng Fanli took the stage to receive the prize


Comrade Meng Fanli is operating the lathe carefully