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Anhui China smart parking equipment Co., Ltd. staff room open notice
The new staff Library of the circular garden factory was officially completed in May 15th. It has a Chinese stack room and a periodical reading room. It is located on the 4 floor of the administrative building of the new factory building.
In order to serve the readers better, we hereby notify you of the relevant matters as follows:
The first staff room is managed by the trade union and set up special persons to manage books.
The second library manager is responsible for the daily book arrangement, filing, borrowing and registration. The books should be stored so that moisture, mildew, moth and good health work; the damaged books should be repaired timely and ensure its integrity.
Third where the new configuration of the books need classification and numbering, according to the book category label, the title, author, book name, press, publication date, date of purchase, the amount of data archiving and other related registration books compiled directory, and the establishment of electronic books and archives management.
Fourth Books: navigate all the staff of the company (the company personnel shall not only free to borrow, borrow other people).
Fifth books open hours: noon: 12:00~14:00, holidays closed management.
Sixth, number and duration of the loan: each person can borrow 2 books and periodicals, borrowing time is 1 months.
Seventh books after the expiration should be returned promptly, if necessary, to renew it.
Eighth the borrower should consciously take care of the books and periodicals shall not lend to others or others to borrow, loss, damage compensation.
Ninth, after the expiration of the loan, 3 days after the notification can not be returned to the book, will stop their borrowing qualifications.
The tenth house to keep quiet, clean, no shouting, laughing, not throwing debris.
Eleventh, properly keep books, materials and library facilities, fire prevention and security work to ensure the safety of the bookstore.